Books by David L. Miller

Interpretation:  The Poetry of Meaning
Edited with Stanley Romaine Hopper (Harcourt Brace, 1967)
Table of Contents

Norman O. Brown, "Apocalypse: The Place of Mystery in the Life of the Mind"
Heinrich Ott, "Hermeneutics and Personhood"
Julian Marias, "Philosophic Truth and the Metaphoric System"
Owen Barfield, "Imagination and Inspiration"
Kenneth Burke, "A Theory of Terminology"
Beda Allemann, "Metaphor and Antimetaphor"


 Gods & Games: Toward a Theology of Play (World, 1970; Harper, 1973; Stillpoint Press [eBook], 2013)
Table of Contents

Introduction: The Care & Feeding of Hobby Horses
Part I: Play's the Thing
   1. The Contemporary Fascination with Ideas about Play & Games
   2. The Contemporary Academic Game of Games
Part II: The Playground of Being
   3. The Origin & History of Ideas about Games & Play
   4. The Origin & History of the Spirit of Play in Man

Gods and Games Hardback
Gods and Games
Part III: Play's Mythology
   5. Play is Religion
   6. Religion is Play
Epilogue: Beyond the Rules of the Religious Game toward a Theology of Play, by Play, and for Play


The New Polytheism:  Rebirth of the Gods & Goddesses (Harper, 1974; Spring, 1981)
 Table of Contents

I. An Explorded Cultural Sphere: The Death of God & the Rebirth of the Gods
II. The Golden Ring and the Growing Blackness: Monotheism, Polytheism, and Theologizing
III. Sleeping Beauties: Theology as Faith Seeking Understanding
IV. Stars, Sparks, and Luminous Fish Eyes: Psychology as Understanding Seeking Life
V. The New Polytheism: Fifty-One Theses and Some Notes
Postscript: The Laughter of the Gods

French edition, Editions Imago, 1979
Italian edition, Edizioni di Comunita, 1983
Japanese edition, Japan UNI, 1981

Christs: Meditations on Archetypal Images in Christian Theology (Seabury, 1981; Spring Journal Books, 2005)
Table of Contents

Introduction: The Idea of a Polytheistic, Archetypal Theology
Part I: Christ, the Good Shepherd
   1. Perfectionism and the Imitatio Christi
  2. The Good Shepherd and his Sheep
   3. The Shepherd's Single Eye and Imitations
   4. The End of Perfection
   5. Jesus, the Model of Imperfection
   6. Christ the Lamb and Hermes the Ram
   7. Christ the Shepherd and the Monster Cyclops
   8. Shepherd and Clown

Part II: Christ, the Clown
   9. Clown and Christ
   10. The Image of the Clown and Smell's Drunk Sense
   11. The Clown's Archetypal Face
   12. Nasal Fantasia--Psychology
   13. Nasal Fantasia--Literature
   14. The Smell of Traditional Religion and its Mythical Under-odor
   15. Moistening: The Humor of Wit's End
   16. Warming: A Phenomenology of Straight and Round
   17. The Red and the White: A Clown's Nasal Alchemy
Part III. Christ, the Great Teacher
   18. Fullness and Time
   19. Teaching/Preaching: An Inside/Outside Split
   20. Making Outer Inner: The Two as One
   21. From Socrates to Silenos: Remythologizing the Image of the Teacher
   22. Silenos and Christ: The True Vine as the Great Teacher
   23. Biblical and Theological Drunkenness: The Cases of Lot and Noah
   24. The Poetry of Drunkenness
   25. The Fire in the Water: Rhythm's In-Between
   26. The Water of Fire: An Art of Forgetting
   27. The Arrow of Intoxication and the Nick of Time

Three Faces of God: Traces of the Trinity in Literature & Life (Fortress, 1986; Spring Journal Books, 2005)
Table of Contents

Introduction: Theology as Remembering, Contemplating, and Loving

Part I: Remembering the Trinity
   1. Images and Fantasies Hidden in Religious Traditions: Theological Formulae of the Trinity
   Interlude: Freud and Jung: The Trinity in Modern Depth Psychology
   2. Life-likeness and Unlikeness: The Trinity in Everyday Life

Part II. Contemplating the Trinity
   3. The Tragic Vision of the Trinity: Trinitarian Contemplation in Ancient Myth
   Interlude: Liminality, Boundary and the Between: Philosophy and Letters
   4. Angel Face and Body: Trinitarian Contemplation in Neoplatonic, Gnostic and Alchemical Theologies

Part III: Loving by Triangulation
   5. Tigers and Ghosts: The Trinity in Modern Secular Literature
   Interlude: Pinteresque Love: Triangles in Postmodern Drama
   6. The Body of God: God who is a Trinity is Love which is Triangular

Hells & Holy Ghosts: A Theopoetics of Christian Belief (Abingdon, 1989; Spring Journal Books, 2004)
 Table of Contents

Introduction: On Not Giving Up the Ghost
Part I: Descents
   1. History is Hell
   2. A Descent into History: The Story of the Descent Motif
   3. A Descent into Imagination: Images of the Descent in the Ideas of Theology
   4. A Descent into the Middle: Between Death and Resurrection
Part II: Hells
   5. A Descent into Laughter: The Abominable Fancy
   6. A Descent into Psychopathology: Archetypal Sadomasochism
   7. A Descent into the Hells of Modern Literature: The Dark Inference and Negative Theology
   8. History as Hell

Hells and Holy Ghosts 1
Part III: Holy Ghosts
   9. The Death of Ghosts
   10. Ghastly, Guest, Host: The Ghosts in Language
   11. The Ghost of Mrs. Leakey: The Ghosts of History
   12. The Grateful Dead: The Ghosts of Folklore
Part IV: Resurrections of the Dead
   13. The Paraclete: Ghosts of Scripture
   14. Proper Burial: Ghosts of Depth Psychology
   15. Our Dark Alphabet: Ghosts of Modern Literature
   16. Conclusion: Wimsey or Whimsy?

Jung & the Interpretation of the Bible (edited, Continuum, 1995)

 Table of Contents

Wayne Rollins, "Psychology, Hermeneutics, and the Bible"
D. Andrew Kille, "Jacob--A Study in Individuation"
Trevor Watt, "Joseph's Dreams"
Michael Willett Newheart, "Johannine Symbolism"
Schuyler Brown, "The Myth of Sophia"
David L. Miller, "Biblical Imagery and Psychological Likenesses"